Jude Wanniski
June 6, 2005


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To: Jude Wanniski <jwanniski@polyconomics.com>
8:33 am, 6/6/2005

Fed, until I am confirmed.   Alice is excellent, but I am also giving up the best assistant at the Fed --- Rita Proctor.

From: Jude Wanniski <jwanniski@polyconomics.com> 
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Subject:  Re: ???    
06/06/2005 09:18  AM                                                            
Which office are you working at? Fed or EOB?  Alice Williams will take good care of you at EOB. She's been there for decades, all through the Reagan years as I recall, and maybe earlier.

At 08:53 AM 6/6/2005, you wrote:

Congress is back today so I am hopeful of getting Senate approval within the next couple of weeks.  Ben

From: Jude Wanniski <jwanniski@polyconomics.com>
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06/05/2005 05:39 PM

When can you get into the action again? It makes me nervous having you on the sidelines when big issues are at hand. JW