Steve Forbes, China Basher
Jude Wanniski
December 22, 1999


Memo To: Steve Forbes
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: Bashing Beijing

Wow!!! I just read the exclusive interview you gave to WorldNetDaily yesterday, about how you would declare war on China right after you end all abortions in the United States. Or is it the other way around? These may be your winning issues, Steve. The American people are sick and tired of the mollycoddling of China by Clinton and Gore, giving all those nuclear secrets to the Commies and turning over the Panama Canal to a Chinese Commie company. The Yellow Peril is Rising! The Red Dragon is Rising Too! Our ordinary folks, especially caucus-goers in Des Moines, also are getting sick and tired of the mollycoddling of Russia by Clinton and Gore, giving all that IMF money to Moscow so they can pay back their loans to their creditors in New York, while the Russkies bomb Chechnya. Was it you who suggested we should get NATO to bomb Chechnya in order to drive out the Russkies? Like our clever ploy in Kosovo? Better yet, how about declaring war on Russia right after we polish off China? We should do all this pretty quick, Steve, because the Russkies and the Inscrutable Chinese look like they are getting cozy again. Next thing you know, North Korea and Cuba will be chatting it up, and we will have no choice but take back the Philippines, to keep an eye on Pyongyang, and get some good old boys to hit the Bay of Pigs.

No more pussyfooting. George W says he fully intends to put China in its place, but you know the Bushes: Read my Lips! The American people are sick and tired of broken campaign promises. They want WAR! And John McCain, well he has that temper and those screws that were knocked loose when he was in the Vietnam prison camp. He might just beat you to the punch. Get that message out, old buddy. Forget the flat tax, economic growth, stable money, entrepreneurial capitalism. That is all passe. The American people are tired of growth and the stock market and all that supply-side stuff. How about some good old American blood and guts! Keep on this track, Steve, and you will shoot right past the rest of the field.

P.S. Happy holidays to you and the family. Peace on earth. Good will toward men.