Countdown to Y2K
Jude Wanniski
July 1, 1999


Memo To: Website fans, browsers, clients
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: Preparing for Y2K

With half of 1999 now behind us, we expect more interest among the American people as the days and weeks go by in how to prepare for the Y2K millennium bug. Our own Y2K expert, Paul Bond, continues to supply our subscribers with weekly reports on computer-compliance progress made here and around the world, as they affect the world economy and financial markets. We do get questions every day on how ordinary people should prepare for the eventuality of disruptions in power, transportation, and utilities. Paul is now satisfied that there almost is zero chance there will be a national blackout because of the failure of the power grids. He does believe there will be power brownouts across the country because of glitches in the satellite switching systems, which direct power from surplus to deficit areas. When I asked him to draw up a list of things that ordinary people could do to feel prepared as best they can, he advised me the American Red Cross has the best such list on the Internet. Here are the addresses. As the year goes on, if Paul finds other websites or ideas that might help you get ready for the event, we will post them here. One scare you do not need to worry about, according to the WSJournal, is a shortage of champagne to welcome in the new millennium. In fact, there will probably be a champagne glut, says the Journal.