Monica Wanniski
Jude Wanniski
October 21, 1998


Memo To:  Rush Limbaugh
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: My daughter, the teacher

Jennifer, my daughter, teaches first- and second-grade students at a Montessori school in Morris County, N.J. I asked her the other day if they ever talk about President Clinton. She said they do, and just that day a 6-year-old girl asked her why the President was in trouble with Monica Wanniski. Oty brought a smile to my face, but I of course asked what she said. I told the children that it just goes to show you must always, always tell the truth. And they nodded, satisfied with that comment from their teacher. Even the President of the United States will get into trouble if he does not tell the truth.

I was so proud of Jennifer, thinking of exactly the right thing to say to her little kids. The reason Im writing this memo to you is to suggest you discuss with your vast audience the common sense of trying to find a silver lining in the cloud. Jennifer used the situation as a way of directly imprinting on the minds of her children a lesson in morality, without going into the seamy side of the story. If you would tell this story on the air, Rush, how many mothers and grandmothers and teachers will smile and say, Thats a good way of putting it.