The Drudge Report
Jude Wanniski
May 1, 1997


Memo To: Website fans, browsers, clients
From: Jude Wanniski

My favorite bookmark on the web is the Drudge Report of Matthew Drudge, a young man from California who assembles the work of his favorite journalists and news bookmarks on his website home page. His own Report heads the list of his favorite columnists. His favorite columnist is also my favorite, Bob Novak, whose name appears immediately below Matt's. If you call up his report first thing, as I do, to check out the likes of Maureen Dowd, Mike Kelly, Ariana Huffington, you will also find "Jude Wanniski," now 17th on the list, but hoping to move higher. His link brings you directly to my daily memo. For those of us who read The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal editorial pages in hard copy, with our morning coffee, it is nice to be able to round out opinion with a direct link from Drudge to the editorial page of The Washington Post. Once Drudged, you will be hooked on the first electronic newspaper assembled from the best of all the other publications available on the web.