How to Save Medicare
Jude Wanniski
February 27, 2004


Memo To: Website Fans and Browsers
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: A Great Speech by Bill Thomas

There is no transcript yet of this off-the-cuff speech Chairman Bill Thomas of House Ways & Means gave recently at a conference of the National Center for Policy Analysis, but it did appear on C-SPAN and NCPA provided me with a video link. If you have been mystified by the debate over how we will have to confront the health-care costs bearing down on us as the baby boomers retire, tune in and sit though the whole speech. It is being widely described by folks who were there as the best single speech on health care of the last decade. It is a great one. There are lots of smart people in Congress, but Thomas may be the smartest of them all. Remember we owe the shape of last year's tax cuts to Thomas, not anyone in the Bush administration. If Bush is re-elected, it will be because of Bill Thomas, not the Bush economic team. If there is a way to save Medicare for our children and grandchildren, without taxing us to death before we reach old age, Thomas knows how to do it.