A Million Hits in October!!
Jude Wanniski
November 7, 2000


Memo To: Website Fans, Browsers, Clients
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: Website traffic

While we wait for the votes to be counted, we can at least report the good news that our website traffic for the month of October finally topped a million hits!!! To be exact, 1,036,223, up from 871,718 in September. This is only 3% of what Matt Drudge pulls in, but there really are not many websites that do as well as a million a month -- especially with no advertising or promotion, only word of mouth. My thanks to Matt Drudge, Joe Farah, Lew Rockwell and Bob Bartley for linking to us to their websites, with Bartley’s WSJ OpinionJournal helping to lift us over the million mark when it came online.

What was so impressive about October is that even on our lowest weekend days, we had 3,000 user sessions: There were no weak days to speak of. In May, there were two days of 3,000 or more user sessions, in September, there were only four. In October there were only two days when we DIDN'T get 3,000 user sessions, and we didn't miss by much. The three memos with the largest accompanying number of user sessions: “A Perfect Cruise,” 10/10/00, 5,200 user sessions; “Joe Sobran and the Neo-Cons,” 10/05/00, 4,300 user sessions; “Lieberman and Farrakhan,” 10/09/00, 3,900 user sessions. And how nice that my wife Patricia, who wrote “A Perfect Cruise,” about our Radisson cruise of the Mediterranean, topped the list!!

Keep spreading the word. Today a million, tomorrow the world!