Barbara Says Goodbye
Jude Wanniski
October 26, 2000


Memo To: Website fans, browsers, clients
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: My secretary retires

In a memo earlier this month, I bid goodbye to my secretary of 20 years, Barbara Haslam. We had a going away party for her last week at the Spring Brook Country Club, where I never play golf anymore because I’m too busy. A good time was had by all, especially when Barbara, a woman of many talents, said her goodbyes to the rhythms of ‘Twas a Night Before Christmas.

* * * * *

‘Tis time for my retirement and all through my head
are visions of POLY - what’s done there, what's said.
Twenty years with this team: Tasks varied each day
I couldn’t have been happier; few complaints I must say.
And the group -- how it grew -- many came, some are gone
but my thoughts and my mem’ries are with you who’ve stayed on.

President Jude with his genius, his gifts and his skills
Knows the Way the World Works and what causes its ills.
The many who heed him - people, nations and firms
Experience growth and success and they trade on good terms.
Supply-Side’s his model, Laffer's Curve he first drew;
Cut taxes! More revenue - if only they all knew!

Our Congress and government never seem to “get it”
But Jude remains tireless, keeps trying to teach it.
Long ago, while smiling, Irving Kristol once said:
intercontinental missiles could just be stopped dead
in midair on their mission if, in Jude's strong belief,
the targeted country votes capital gains relief!

Ron stands at the helm steers the ship with great strength
over smooth seas and rough ones while proofing at length.
As manager/leader the crew gets his signal
And away they all go with what’s economic and political.
His interests are many and his free hours are few
But he’s never too busy to lend help when it's due.
Not much gets past Ron - accounts, product and text,
Pensions, insurance, bank runs - and goodness what’s next?
“That global piece needs more work! And the clients are waiting”
To hear the word on the market-drop the Fed is creating.

Peter, the great one, knows all nations and ours.
Many languages and backgrounds his scope ranges far.
Sharp analyst and writer, and a scholar/professor
He’s one of my heroes, his wisdom I treasure.

Mike Churchill’s amazing - and quite brilliant besides.
On his International Research the company relies.
He travels, he writes, his Spanish is intact;
He leaves no stone unturned until he gets all his facts .

Wisconsin sent Mike Darda; he saw us on the Net
And the task that could stump him he hasn’t met yet.
Likewise for Vlad, multi-skilled and so smart
Understands ALL computing, its programs, its art.

Paula does sales, production and much more
has a hand in what happens on every floor;
A whiz at computers - each program in her head
Now where is she? - down in the basement - the copier’s dead.

When Rita was recruited to book keep so well,
she was parttime - but now’s fulltime - plus h-t-m-l !!

On Liz, on Karen, on Jim and Rochdale too!
On Scott and all others, the whole planet’s in view!
On Jude and Polyconomics, don’t deter - never stop.
Supply-Side in the world could bring bottoms to top.

I feel very blessed with my family and friends
And the company’s good work which now sadly ends.
With a grateful heart I thank God for so very much
And with love, say to you, “please do keep in touch !”.