Interview with Farrakhan Part III
Jude Wanniski
October 17, 2000


Memo To: Sen. Joseph Lieberman
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: Interview concluded

[This is the quite lengthy conclusion to the March 1998 interview of Min. Farrakhan by Jeffrey Goldberg, a free-lance journalist whose work has appeared regularly in the Jewish weekly Forward and the Sunday NYTimes Magazine. It is, I think, the best exchange/dialog between Min. Farrakhan and a Jewish intellectual that I’ve seen. As I came to believe in my discussions with Min. Farrakhan, he may be the key to peace in the Middle East, if he could ever persuade the American Jewish political community to dialog with him over their differences in perspective. I timed the transcription of that interview -- never before published -- to coincide with today’s “Million Family March” in Washington, D.C., on the fifth anniversary of the Million Man March of 1995. The other coincidence is the summit in Egypt, where political leaders attempt to work out at least a ceasefire in the outbreak of war between Israel and its neighbors.]