BB Exchange
Jude Wanniski
April 11, 2005


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Subject: BB exchange
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10:27 am, 4/11/2005


This is a response from Wayne Jett, our West Coast representative, who I asked along with Hoffmeister to comment on our exchange. Wayne is a distinguished L.A. attorney who has argued cases before the US Supreme Court. He stumbled onto my website some years ago and immersed himself in supply-side economics. You will see his comments are made in lawyerly fashion, as he cuts to the chase for gold.


PS That's it for this round.  I'd expect you need some time to chew this over.

PPS.  I see Reuters today has the the "front-runner" by a nose for Fed chairman, but that is apparently after checking with no more than three people who are not identified. They got the "audition" right, though.